Calendar for Application and Grants

Any grant application received by the Entomological Foundation must be in compliance with the submission calendar below. Failure to adhere to the reporting requirements may preclude the awarding of any future funds to that individual or institution. All rules and dates below may be subject to change without notice.

The grant application period will be from February 1 through July 1 annually. Any grant applications received outside of this time period may not be considered. The Board of Directors will review all eligible grants starting on July 1 with funding decisions to be announced on August 1. Funding should follow in the weeks immediately following the announcements. All grantees must then complete their projects by July 31 of the following year and all final reports on funded projects are due to the Entomological Foundation by October 1 of the year following funding. Grants from the prior year will be showcased on the Foundation website no later than November 1.

Any questions about these dates should be directed to

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