The Entomological Foundation is in the process of dissolving and 
ceasing operations. We are in consultation with various partners 
to absorb the EF's programs. During this period of uncertainty, 
funding applications will continue to be accepted, but applicants 
should be advised that funding is far from guaranteed.
Read this Important Update For More Details

Click here to apply for entomology education funding

Grants for entomology education

The Entomological Foundation funds grant requests submitted by K-12 teachers and other educators who use insects in the classroom as a way to get kids excited about science education.

There are three funds available for use:

  1. The General Fund is used to support most projects. The funds are drawn from the Foundation’s general reserves and the amount of funding available for grants is set annually by the Board of Directors.
  2. The Young Women in Science Fund was started as a memorial to Nancy Beckage, an entomologist and strong advocate for women in science. As the name suggests, these funds are reserved for supporting projects that seek to increase girls and women’s participation in the science.
  3. The Kenneth W. Gilstrap Memorial Fund supports one event — the STEMbugs educational event, which is a feature of the ESA Annual Meeting.
The #BatesMosquito was the first project funded by the grant-funding program of the Entomological Foundation. Learn more on our Project Updates page.

If you have an insect-based or themed project you want us to consider funding, we want to help.

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