Why It Matters

The United States today has a problem with STEM education. For decades, professional and educational training in the sciences has been declining, resulting in a student population in the USA that is falling behind. According to the Council of Entomology Department Administrators (CEDA), American students in grades K-12 perform below average in both science and mathematics compared with students in other developed nations. Despite the great leaps forward in attention to STEM, today’s high school graduate knows less science than his/her counterparts did 30 years ago. The problem is exacerbated in some ethnic minorities. For example, only 3% of African-American students achieve at or above proficiency, compared with an already unacceptably low 23% of Caucasian students. Many teachers, having only been moderately trained in the sciences, do not feel capable or competent educating their students in science.

Working together, we can do better. We offer grants for educators who use insects in the classroom as a way to get kids interested in science. If you have a project idea, we want to help.

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