2018 Grants: CMB


Concept Statement: Insects create an engaging science subject for children of all levels, and through our exhibit we will excite visitors about insects while providing an educational experience aligning with teachers’ science education needs, when appropriate.

Concept Description: Insects are fascinating to children and adults alike, yet they are misunderstood on the simplest levels. Because there is no end to discovering new insects, scientists continue to study and examine them as a critical part of the world around us. This exhibit introduces visitors to local and global insect species. Additionally, as insects become a more viable food source, introducing entomophagy to children early is an essential step to increasing that industry.

Project Goals and Objectives: The Children’s Museum of Bozeman enriches our community by engaging children and adults in the magic of shared learning and discovery. CMB’s powerful interactive exhibits and educational programs are designed to provide deep learning opportunities in science, technology, engineering, art and math. CMB welcomes more than 16,000 visitors each year to our 4,000-square-foot facility in Bozeman’s historic downtown. Installing a new 600 square foot exhibit for It’s A Bug’s World! will increase our overall visitation from new guests and members alike. Our Museum is more sustainable when members, in particular, can experience new and exciting exhibits, encouraging them to renew their membership. Additionally, new exhibits with high educational value encourage area teachers to incorporate our Museum into their field trip plans, therefore making our Museum more sustainable. Adding educational field trips to a classrooms’ structure creates a dynamic year of learning for all children. The goal of this exhibit is to encourage children and families to creatively and critically think about the world of insects, learning about the anatomy of bugs, their distinct differences, and the ways in which we interact with bugs on a daily basis. For some age groups, it will be an introduction to insects, and for others it will provide an in depth lesson on habitats, anatomy, and characteristics of bugs. The exhibit features include:

  • Get up close and observe ants in action in our tabletop formicarium.
  • Learn about a cricket’s life cycle in our cricket habitat, and how they become food.
  • Learn about insect biology and habitat at our vibrant info stations throughout the exhibit.
  • Imagine life as a bug with costumes to wear as you move through a giant grassy path.
  • Test your motor skills as you maneuver a tech-savvy hexbug through a maze. Challenge a friend to see who can get their bug through the maze first.
  • Design a unique bug from puzzle pieces on a magnetic table. -Touch and listen to insect sounds on the sensory touch wall.
  • Students will also visit the space during class field trips with specially designed curriculum.
  • Live bugs will be featured at Family Science Days during the duration of the exhibit. Additionally, museum staff will develop curricula to guide visiting classrooms through our exhibit for additional education in entomology and entomophagy.

As teachers increasingly need access to curriculum that aligns with standards, we will work to create easy, applicable science education activities centered around our insect exhibit which facilitate learning and instruction within the classroom at a level that is comfortable for teachers and engaging for students of grade school age.

Project Budget: The funds will cover the finalization of this exhibit, including developing a usable curriculum for classroom field trips to directly interact with this exhibit. We will develop short, usable activities and instructions for moving about the museum in order to facilitate education. Additionally, this portion will invite visiting families to engage with each other in the exhibit for collaborative learning between parent and child, therefore increasing the effectiveness of each section of the exhibit.  (see details)

2018 Funding: Requested $750. Fully funded.

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